Miami's First Premier Agency

1. Who can TOA assist?

  • Athletes
  • Artists
  • Actors
  • Musicians
  • Djs
  • Chefs
  • Writers
  • Others

2. What are TOA’s main benefits?

  • TOA believes that good agencies are families. TOA provides exceptional family-like customer service, while matching celebrities with the right business venture for their personality. This focused approach helps clients remain in control of their brand.
  • TOA is the first full-service agency in Miami providing management, marketing, branding and business consulting for various types of talent.
  • TOA has all kinds of partnerships, giving clients access to more resources than they could ever obtain on their own.

3) What type of talent is TOA looking for?

There are a lot of misconceptions about what talent agencies do and why they will sign one talent over another. Many agencies prefer to work with names that have already developed portfolios, published work, or anything demonstrating that they are up-and-coming talent. However, TOA believes that anyone with a “talent,” can be marketed as talent. A cook with magic hands can become a celebrity chef and a seamstress that can turn duct tape into a beautiful gown can be an up-and-coming stylist. Besides traditional talent, TOA also welcomes chefs, brand architects, and visual artists, among others.

4) Can talent be well represented independently?

Yes, anything is possible. However, those who represent themselves are forced to take time out of their talent (sports, music, acting, etc.). Taking time away from practice, rehearsal or a high-paid performance could decrease the talent’s brand value and credibility quickly. For that reason, most artists and professional athletes seek qualified individuals or agencies to act on their behalf.




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