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More and more we’re finding that a professional athlete’s success is being tied to their representative’s ability to be “all things”: a friend, life coach, accountant, marketing advisor, etc. However, it’s unrealistic for one person to be either qualified or capable to do “all things.” Representatives who attempt to do everything can put their client’s success at risk.

TOA recognizes that athletes need a team. For that reason, TOA has formed numerous partnerships with experts in different fields to bring full-service representation to its clients.


Agencies help artists in the entertainment world to book events, promote their work and build brand value throughout their careers. Not only do agencies help their clients make savvy business decisions, they also save artists time by contacting the right people and negotiating the right deals for them in their path to stardom. A good agency partner is positioned to offer valuable tools and resources that are difficult to obtain without representation.

What we do . . .

Here’s the truth: thousands of artists, athletes, musicians and other talented personalities are misrepresented and manipulated into complicated contracts that jeopardize their dream of making it big. Consequently, many rising stars are cheated into making poor business decisions that affect the rest of their careers.

At TOA, we start our clients’ path to stardom by treating them like family. We then use our experience and our high-profile networks to develop a celebrity brand that remains marketable and profitable as they build their career.

Known as Miami’s first premier talent agency, our job is to be the liaison between our clients and the people and/or companies interested in their journey to celebrity status. We’ll guide our clients with everything from negotiating complicated business contracts and selecting the right endorsement gigs to maintaining a good reputation during a crisis, if necessary. In addition, TOA will screen through misleading and confusing contracts to only present the right partnerships and PR opportunities to our clients.


  • New Business Ventures
  • Philanthropy
  • Sports Properties For Sale
  • Publishing
  • Marketing


  • Endorsements
  • Branded Lifestyle
  • Digital Content
  • Merchandising
  • Licensing
  • Social Media Marketing

Public Relations

  • Television / Film
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Public / Guest Appearances
  • Crisis Management
  • Brand Placements




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